IJN Kinugasa at Savo 
by Vladimir Karen 

1/700 IJN Kinugasa (Hasegawa + Shelf Oddity)

Japanese heavy cruiser Kinugasa at Battle of Savo Island, Aug 8-9, 1942 (1/700 Hasegawa + Shelf Oddity Premium Detail Set)

Kinugasa was the fourth heavy cruiser in Admiral Mikawa´s column dashing into the Savo Sound after midnight of August 9th, 1942. She joined the devastating cannonade at HMAS Canberra and fired four torpedoes on her, none of them hit. She was the probable target of torpedoes fired by USS Bagley that might have hit Canberra´s starboard side and sealed her fate. Kinugasa
briefly engaged USS Chicago and obtained a hit on enemy´s foremast, causing light damage, and then she continued towards the Northern group. She was hit by one of the few shells fired by USS Vincennes that damaged her steering engines so she had to steer by main engines for a while, but paid back dearly with multiple hits on Vincennes and Astoria.

Kinugasa is shown firing her first salvos on the American Northern Group while her aft guns and starboard fire their last shells on the Southern Force. She´s got no floatplanes on board as the IJN doctrine called for flying them away before entering combat. She flies white sleeves on her foremast for recognition in the night battle as mentioned by several Japanese sources.

I´ve been very generously offered to test the excellent Shelf Oddity Kinugasa/Aoba detail set designed by Greg Moczko (blacman). The set was really extraordinary and contained almost everything a modeller could dream of. It replaced most of the original Hasegawa kit as documented in a work-in-progress log at ShipModels.info forum.

Please see this link for more hi-res photos.

Vladimir Karen

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