IJN Kumano 
by Donald W. Grasmick 

1/700 IJN Kumano (Tamiya)

This is my light cruiser Kumano that was basically an OOB build.  Kumano is one of four Mogami class light cruisers.  She is named after the Kumano River in Japan.  I didn't know what Kumano was named after before I bought the model.  I know many IJN ships had names inspired by nature and harmony, Kumano definitely fits in that category.  I tried to keep the colors as accurate as possible.  The hull and superstructure are painted in Tamiya IJN Kure Gray (XF-75).  The deck was painted in Tamiya Linoleum Deck Brown (XF-79).  The scout planes were painted in Model Masters Japanese Army/Navy Green.  All in all it was a fun and easy build.  I especially like the three turret arrangement on WWII cruisers.  I didn't try to go overboard with the aftermarket products to keep costs down.  I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

Donald W. Grasmick

Gallery updated 2013

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