Italian Heavy cruiser Pola 
by Alexander Blokhin 

1/350 Italian Heavy cruiser Pola (HobbyBoss)

The model constructed from a set of firm HobbiBoss in 1/350 scale. Very problematic model .... It took a lot of information to build - a book on the history of the Italian Navy, monographs on cruisers like "Zara". These include the heavy cruiser "Pola." Set gives a rough resemblance to the original. Willingness to almost 50%. The rest have to do yourself. Completely redesigned masts, guns and machine guns anti aircraft defense. Separately, was used photo etching and metal barrels of the guns. Fully built aircraft IMAM Ro.43. Made anchors added chain. Altered boat and boats. Reworked guard rails and many other alterations and additions .... The aging models - oil paints and pastels.

Alexander Blokhin

Gallery updated 1/6/2017