Cruiser Aurora 
by Richard Moravcik 

1/400 Cruiser Aurora (ArkModels)

Aurora was one of three Pallada-class cruisers, built in Saint Petersburg for service in the Pacific. All three ships of this class served during the Russo-Japanese War. Aurora survived the Battle of Tsushima and was interned under US protection in the Philippines, and eventually returned to the Baltic Fleet.  One of the first incidents of the October Revolution in Russia took place on the cruiser Aurora, which reportedly fired the first shot,  signalling the beginning of the attack on the Winter Palace. The build was simply. A few parts of the old ArkModels kit needed repairs,  few been missing so I simply scratchbuild them. After the completed Hull and Decks, painting was following. I reproduce the last known paintscheme which is still visible in Saint Petersburg as a Museum. For me the build was fun, and I learned a lot with this ship about history. And my Grandparents told me to build her. It was a nice idea, my Grandmother always dreamed about visiting the Aurora ship. At leats, she was able to see it in 1/400 Scale. It was very special for me.

Richard Moravcik

Gallery updated 7/20/2023