What-if Soviet Type 82 Heavy Cruiser Stalingrad
by Hanchang Kuo

1/700 What-if Heavy Cruiser Stalingrad (Combrig)
A what-of look of the ship that never went into service. Combrig's kit parts are sharp but there's not much detail on hull and superstructure.  Lack of reference materials on this subject is both a blessing and a curse. I ended up using World of Warships' 3D model of Stalingrad as reference for adding more details to the build. Many of my kit's light AA guns were bent and many of them broken off. I had to replace all 25mm barrels by using Flyhawk's German 20mm quad PE parts. This is a handsome ship. Wish we could see more of those never-were Soviet behemoths!

Hanchang Kuo

Gallery updated 5/22/2021