USS Long Beach CGN-9 
by Paul Helfrich 

1/500 USS Long Beach CGN-9 (Revell )

Here's the old Revell USS Long Beach CGN-9 in about 1/500 scale. The kit has molded railings and other heavy detail typical of kits of that era. At first I thought I would cut all that off and replace it with aftermarket, but then I realized the kit wasn't accurate at all to the actual ship. Revell must have based it more on design concepts or an artist's rendering than the ship as built. Just to give one example, the Long Beach never carried the Regulus cruise missile, which the kit includes, but did mount two 5'' 38 guns, which the kit does not. So rather than invest heavily in aftermarket parts to try and "accurize" the kit, I decided to just have fun and built it out of the box, enhancing it as much as possible with painting techniques alone.

Paul Helfrich

Gallery updated 11/25/2022