Russian Battlecruiser Kirov 
by Donald W Grasmick 

1/700 Russian Battlecruiser Kirov (Trmpeter)

Here is my version of the Trumpeter kit TRP5707.  Overall I was pleased with the way the model came out.  The overall fit of the parts was above average.  I used (honest to God) Krylons rust tough Gray enamel primer for the hull and superstructure vertical sections.  When I primed the model I was going to top coat it with Modelmasters gunship gray.  But when I started to airbrush I really didn't see a difference between the primer and the paint...soo... I left the primer just as is and used the gunship gray for minor spot clean ups.  I'll let the court of public opinion tell me if it was a good/bad idea.  Please guys, tell me what you all think of the way the paint came out!!!  I used Testors Flat Brown for the main and selected decks.  After the decals were placed and dry, I used a nice coat of Krylon clear coat to seal it all in.  Having never seen a Kirov in person, I had to rely on past model submissions and what pictures I could find on the net, lol.   I configured the helo hanger in the open position to give the model a more personalized look.  I think the Kirov is a nice addition to my Cold War fleet.  Now all my US ships have something to  I hope you all like her!

Donald W Grasmick

Gallery updated 6/9/2017