Marshall Ustinov
by Christoph Mentzel
1/700 Russian rocket cruiser Marshall Ustinov (Kombrig)

These pics shows the Russian rocket cruiser Marshall Ustinov, a member of the Slava -class. The kit comes from Kombrig. Overall a good kit with etching parts for the radarmast (very good). The price is in my openion very low and it is possible to build a good kit with etching  parts straight out of the box. For the painting i have uesed the northern fleet grey from WEM. Not so good is the lack of details on the upper works and the bad building instructions The only other kit in 1/700 of this class comes from HP. This kit is better detailed on the upper  works and overall as good as the Kombrig kit but the HP kit includes no etching parts and is more expensive.

Christoph Mentzel