CL-58 USS Denver
By Dave Becker
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1/350 USS Denver CL-58 (Iron Shipwright)

USS Denver CL-58 as she appeared in October 1944 at the Battle for Leyte Gulf.  Ship is painted in Measure 31/3d camouflage pattern. Model is a Iron Shipwright 4-094 USS Birmingham CL-62 1/350 resin kit. Kit has a beautiful one piece resin hull with fine detail.  Kit depicts a Cleveland class cruiser as completed in early 1943.   Some modifications were done to turn the Birmingham kit into the Denver in 1944.  Each had the same bridge structure, funnel, main and secondary gun layout. Main difference was in the placement and locations of the additional 40mm and 20 mm AA guns and their mountings.  Several new gun tubs had to be constructed.  Life raft and Floater Net placement was also different in each ship.  Radar and Director equipment were also updated.

Dave Becker