USS Vicksburg CL-86 
by Paul Helfrich 

1/600 USS Vicksburg CL-86 (Lindberg)

A labor of love here...this old Lindberg Models kit of a Cleveland class light cruiser has been around for 60 years and is pretty crude out of the box. My latest version is enhanced with Model Monkey 3D printed replacement turrets and gun directors, scratch built masts, Tom's Modelworks railings, and a whole lot of extra bits out of my junk box. Most of those are 1/700, but for small parts the difference is negligible - especially since many 1/700 parts are slightly overscale to begin with.  The whole kit is sunk in a block of styrofoam for the waterline effect. Lately I've really been enjoying nostalgia builds of ancient kits that were out when I was a kid.


Paul Helfrich

Gallery updated 6/29/2023