Leichter Kreuzer Nürnberg 
by Stein Gildberg 

1/400 German Light Cruiser Nürnberg (HP Models)

This is the last of the German Light Cruisers. Following the 3 K-Class ships, the Königsberg, Karlsruhe and Köln, the Kriegsmarine built two more modified K-class ships: The Leipzig, and finally the Nürnberg.

The model is a resin kit from HP-models of Germany. Scale is 1:400. The resin is as for all HP models - quite good, but requires more work than plastic. Smaller parts, masts and cranes etc. are best replaced by scratch built ones.
The kit was built from the box, with some scratch built parts, PE from WEM and parts from the spare bin. These were all added in accordance with reference photos. PE is delivered mainly by White Ensign. Masts are made from brass tubing. The barrels for the 150 mm guns are drilled brass. Paint is relevant White Ensign paints for the Kriegsmarine. Rigging is made from stretched sprue.

Camouflage scheme is Norway 1942/43 were the ship was part of the Battle Group in Alta Fjord from Dec 2nd 1942  for a short time before returning to Germany. Nürnberg survived the war and was handed over to USSR where it served under the name og Admiral Makarov until 1960 (!) before being scrapped.

Stein Gildberg

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