Chibi USS Saratoga CV-3 
by David Waples 

1/??? USS Saratoga CV-3 (MENG)

 Every spring I complete at least one Chibi type build as a break from more serious subjects.  This year it is the USS Saratoga converted from the MENG Warship Builder collection, USS Lexington.  I canít resist adding details to these builds and this one was no exception.  Included with this build were Flyhawk 1/700 20mm Oerlikons, Fine Molds 1/700 5in/38ís, ships boats from Shapeways, dry transfer lettering from Woodland Scenics, Infini rigging line, and 1/700 Gold Medal Models PE set.  The PE was steel and is horrible to work with.  Unfortunately this was my only option to get the features I wanted to add.  The kit parts went together extremely well as did all the additions.  I did remove the gun platform from the top of the stack and added some platforms on the side of the stack.  Also all the port holes were drilled out.

David Waples

Gallery updated 5/15/2023