USS Yorktown CV-5 
by Alexander Blokhin 

1/700 USS Yorktown CV-5 (Tamiya)

 Rebuilding a core set of Tamiya. The paper used book Okrety Wojenne SN-?23 "Lotnikowce typu Yorktown vol.1"

Changes to the model variants of the ship in 1940.

The ship is painted in a light gray color, which is used by the US Navy until 1941. Aircraft models are  Douglas TBD Devastator & Douglas SBD Dauntless. These sets are from  Trumpeter - and in the appropriate paint for the period of 1940. Figures are sailors from the company North Star.

The model has received 1st place in the exhibition IPMS Israel 2016!

Alexander Blokhin

Gallery updated 2/17/2017