USS Yorktown CV-5 1943 
by Mike Komo 
Yorktown CV 5 1943 (01)

1.700 USS Yorktown CV-5 1943 (Tamiya)

Being a fan of “Alternate History”…..


In a little known skirmish on June 3, 1942, destroyers Monsenn and Livermore depth charged an IJN submarine, and chased it northwest from the upcoming battle area, known as “Point Luck”.  The submarine turned out to be IJN-168, and was never joined in the battle.  Thus, though badly damaged, the Yorktown survived and slipped back into Pearl Harbor on the 7th of June.  After temporary repairs (again!), she headed back to Bremerton, WA for extensive repairs and upgrades.

It’s summer of 1943, and the Yorktown is steaming westward to rejoin the battle in the Central Pacific.  In the year since the Battle of Midway, she has had her battle damage repaired, including the temporary repairs from the Battle of the Coral Sea.  She has been upgraded with both 20 and 40mm  bofors including new port and starboard 40mm gun placements.  Fire control has been updated with Mk 37 and 51 directors, while radar upgrades consisted of SK and SC-2 long range radar, SX search radar, and YE homing  beacon.  Planes now included F6F Hellcats, TBF Avengers, and carryover SBD Dauntlesses.

I used the following in constructing this model:

Mike Komo

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