USS Yorktown CV-10 
by Christopher Sparacio 

1/525 USS Yorktown CV-10 (Lindberg)

This is a model that I had built many years ago. It was an inexpensive beginner model kit of the USS Yorktown by Lindberg at 1:525 scale. It was also motorized. This is one of my builds which my original paint work and lack of detail just bothered me. I decided to do a re-model. Going to the web, I researched other's models, historical pictures and paint schemes.

I started by adding a hanger deck, then railings, masts, hull piping, superstructure detail, elevator detail, and repainted all the planes adding propellers (spinning and static) and landing gear. I modified the single style molded plane to 3 different planes. Hellcat Fighter, Dauntless dive bomber, and Avenger torpedo bomber. Some of the anti-aircraft guns had to be made from scratch as over time became loose and lost.

Christopher Sparacio

Gallery updated 9/15/2017