USS Bunker Hill CV-17 
by Mike Komo 

1/700 USS Bunker Hill CV-17 (Trumpeter)

This is my third Essex Class Carrier, the USS Bunker Hill CV17. She is wearing camouflage MS 32/6a  This model is made from the Trumpeter USS Essex. I cut and folded the wings on the Trumpeter planes, and added dynamic propellers. Planes are warming up for takeoff, as well as waiting for the lowering of the rear radio masts.  The island is the early war type, as the Bunker Hill saw a lot of action in 1944, and it wasn’t  seriously upgraded until January 1945. The Bunker Hill was awarded 11 Battle Stars.

A great source of information on the Essex class carriers can be located

Mike Komo

Gallery updated 9/22/2017