Escort Carrier 
by John Bange 

1/350 Escort Carrier (Trumpeter/Scratchbuilt)

Here is my 1 350 escort carrier based on the Trumpeter liberty ship. I am still having some vision difficulties and the 1/350 scale is working better for me except for the 40mm mounts that are in multiple pieces so, I found 3d printed twin  and quad mounts and I will use those from now on.

I followed the navy's path in WW11 for this effort...taking a merchantman and adding a wooden flight deck. I doubt if this was ever done to this class of ship so mine is just a generic escort carrier in the lend lease program.

I used evergreen plastic sheeting for the support for the bass wood flight deck and took many liberties moving the AA mount site around.  some PE was added to the bridge and 3  3d printed Hurricanes are ready for launch

John Bange

Gallery updated 5/14/2019