USS Santee 
by Mike Bridge 

1/350 USS Santee (Iron Shipwrights)

 Here is my 1/350 USS Santee in 1944.  I used the ISW Sangamon kit and modified it to be the Santee.  Very nice kit but does take some work to clean up.  I added quite a bit of scratch built detail to her.  I added the 20mm tubs on the bow, searchlight platform on the stern, aircraft crane, and other details under the flight deck and on her sides.  I used Master Models 40mm kits for the quad and twin 40s and used Blue Ridge models 20mm mounts for all the single 20s.  I used Trumpeter aircraft for her and modeled a couple of them flying and with spinning props.  First time for me trying that and I think it turned out pretty decent.  She is painted with AK Interactive acrylics and True Color paints.  The aircraft are painted with Model Master acrylics.  I built her for a man whose Grandfather served on her during WWII.

Mike Bridge

Gallery updated 4/12/2022