HMS Ark Royal 
by Chris Hewitt 

1/700 HMS Ark Royal (Atlantic Models)

This is a resin kit, which comes with a very good photo etching set, produced and sold by Starling models,which has an excellent shop on the net,based in U.K.I have always wanted to build this kit,mainly because my Dad served on her and  the famous documentary called "Sailor" produced  by BBC1 tv,in the 1970's.        I have replaced all the aircraft from Orangehobby,L'arsenal and Trumpeter, this was so the flight deck will had that busy look,the resin vehicles are from White Ensign models ,I had added lots of detail to the walkways and bridge works,it needed it.The decks were the ships boats are located ,were not wide enough, even in line with the real ship,fixed that and the ships boats were not correct,they were replaced with 3D boats from Shapeways.  That's Angus the ships cat,my personal checker of everything .  The reason why there an U.S. F-4 is on the flight deck it developed a fault before the ship docked at Malta, where U.S. personnel were unwelcome at the time.  Unable to depart with the other American Phantoms, the jet was hidden in a hangar below deck and later emerged with the tail markings of a Royal Navy 892 Squadron F-4K and they never noticed .Hahahahah!

Chris Hewitt

Gallery updated 4/24/2019