HMS Victorious - British Pacific Fleet 
by Jan Varga 

1/400 HMS Victorious (Heller)

Cca in 2012 inspired by beautiful build of Stephen Allen I decided to go on with my HMS Victorious. Overall the build was not an easy one. A lot of scratch building and other types of modifications to very crude kit parts (especially the hull) were necessary. Detailed listing of modification published by Stephen was a very good reference. I decided to depict British pacific fleet version, because until Chris Smither's posted his superb work I had not really seen BPF version of Illustrious class build from Heller's kit. WEM Photoetch fret helps a lot in creating BPF version of ship's masts. WEM resin bridge part are designed for Home Fleet Victorious. According to photo of BPF Victorious the upper part of bridge had to scratchbuild. For the airwing I used resin Avengers and Corsairs from L'Arsenal as well as resin Bofors for AA armament. Various bridge equipment parts are modified leftover from Veteran resin set. For a paintwork I used Humbrol, Tamiya and Lifecolor paints, mainly airbrushed. Overall I'm very satisfied with the build despite the fact that in comparison with the builds based on newest 1/350 kits it looks a bit roughly.

Jan Varga

Gallery updated 3/28/2017