HMS Victorious 
by Curly Watts 

1/600 HMS Victorious (Airfix)

I love this old kit from Airfix showing ‘Vic’ in Her post re-build configuration. I have fond memories of building her as a child so thought I would give it another go. This time around I have enhanced the kit by scratch building the berthing bays, fairleads, quarter deck and forecastle (not that you can see it, but I know it’s there, capstans and all) out of plasticard and the hockey stick aerials out of wire and stretched sprue.

Other additions are, photo etch main mast and guard rails from WEM, Sea Vixens and Wessex 5’s from Tumbling Dice, flight deck vehicles and aircraft decals from MT Miniatures, Scimitars and Skyraiders are out the box.

This is my second attempt at putting a model ‘under way’.  The hull was water lined and then the shape was cut into a piece of card. The card was then painted deep blue and the white bow wave, wake and wash were added. The sea was then coated in translucent bathroom silicon and rolled out with a wooden baton to give a smooth calm sea effect.  More silicon was added to give a 3D effect around the stem and stern.  The whole sea scape then had a couple of coats of gloss cote to give that shimmering effect.

Hope you enjoy viewing what I think was the Royal Navy’s best looking aircraft carrier; I enjoyed building her although the air wing drove me mad!


Curly Watts

Gallery updated 6/14/2017