HMS Hermes 1982
by Timothy Choi

1/700 HMS Hermes 1982 (Orange Hobby)

HMS Hermes was the ship modeling world's first major introduction to then-newcomer Orange Hobby, now renowned for extensively-detailed resin and PE kits of various lesser-known subjects from navies around the world. This build spanned something around 5-6 years from start to finish, and was one of my earlier attempts at water-making. The weathering was the result of a series of happy mistakes, beginning with a foolish attempt at brushing on matte varnish to seal in pastel powders, which only ended up smearing it in undesirable streaks on the flight deck (but which came out quite well along the hull). Eventually, pencil shavings and extensive drybrushing helped save the day.

As with my other ships these days, no airbrush or sprays were used and everything was done with hairy sticks. Vertical surfaces were PolyScale Israeli Grey. Flight deck's main area was USN 5-H Haze Grey, and the darker area next to the skiramp was Model Master's Engine Grey.

One pack of extra Orange Hobby Harriers were added (it should be a crime to release an aircraft carrier kit with only two aircrafts of each type), and two Easter egg crew members are from Eduard. Rigging is Uni's Caenis. The wooden base and display cover were procured from the Resin Shipyard.

A truncated build log, along with some assembly tips and accuracy observations/critiques can be found in my build thread on the forum.

Timothy Choi

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