HMS Illustrious
by Paul Stewart

1/400 HMS Illustrious (Heller)

I love the look of this Carrier as the camo pattern and colours of this ship make it stand out from greys we normally see, This is my first ship I have made in 1/400, and the first ship I have attempted to try rusting up and rigging on. Its took alot of time and hours trying firstly the get the right camflage pattern and colours right, to my knowledge off the box and heller instructions, my model is a right as I could get it, as theirs so little info out there to get in spot on, just a few black and white pictures really. I know the Victorious and other carriers of the same class had a similar camo patterns to. This kit was quite hard to put together and my kit has gaps in a few places, it was all very fiddey at times, but just did the best I could with what I had. After all the hard work was done, I was quite happy with the end result, not perfect, but good. I find it strange that not many people on ebay are not snapping this model up, don't get me wrong, its not the easiest model to build, but its a Briish Aircraft carrier and is far better than the American ones, and looks great to.

Paul Stewart