IJN Kaga 
by Mario (Moe) Mares 

1/700 IJN Kaga (Hasegawa)

This is Hasegawa 1/700 IJN Kaga….. a ‘fast build’ that turned out to be Much more because I wanted to show her during Operation MI.

Most of the extra work, the photo-etch, was done with FStar products, IJN boat upgrade, Navy Vessel Staff (II), and IJN WWII aircraft (early Pacific war)… including a PE set that  was actually made for the Fujimi kit, but I didn’t know for it came under a foreign PE company.  Decals for the FD were from a German company ‘Penninghaus’ which was purchased from that “other site” as well as flags from, again, FStar flags.

Paints were mostly Tamiya, they include XF-75 IJN Gray (Kure Aresenal), XF-78 Wooden Deck, XF-72 Brown/JMSDF (weathering on deck), planes were painted using XF-76 Gray Green (IJN), and XF-13 J.A. Green.  With some Testors Gold and Silver.

Mario (Moe) Mares

Gallery updated 5/12/2021

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