IJN Ryujo 1944 
by Luke Bucci 

1/700 IJN Ryujo 1944 (Fujimi )

This is a what-if depiction of IJN Ryujo in 1944 if it had survived until then. With the recent explosion on individualized IJN carrier special Camouflage Schemes now available, this is a likely representation of IJN Ryujo in 1944. The old Fujimi 082 kit of Ryujo was in the first wave of Imperial Japanese Navy warship kits, and was inaccurate with poor detailing, and has been surpassed by recent kits in quality. Showing what it might look like in 1944 was a better fate for this kit. Ryujo was upgraded and updated with much scratchbuilding (but not to the point of remodeling the hull), Gold Medal Models 700-14 PE set, radars, FineMolds 25mm AA and other aftermarket parts. The paint scheme used White Ensign IJN Greens for the main hull and flight deck colors. Ryujo’s scheme is unique and follows the attempt to fool submarine attacks by depicting a merchant ship when seen through a periscope and by showing off dive bomber aim with a canted disruptive flight deck. Since the original and the 1944 Ryujo was too slow to operate with fleet carriers, it would have been relegated to scout duties, which is how the 1942 version net its disastrous demise. In 1944, Ryujo would carry the latest scout planes - Nakajima C6N1 Saiun (Myrt) - which are shown on the flight deck.

Luke Bucci

Gallery updated 8/26/2023

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