DD-537 The Sullivans DD 537
by Frank Hutton
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A few weeks ago I sent in some pics of my partially completed ship. Since that time I have added new 5" resin cast guns from Steve Brejnak. The radar screen on the top of the main mast is modified from the kit. The rail lines around the ship are made from fiberglass window screening. The searchlights are modified thanks to some ideas from Vern Wilson who is also building this same ship in the same scale. I have enclosed a picture of the USS The Sullivans from navsource.org that I used as a base for the building of my ship. The pic is from WW II but I am not sure what year. The base of the ship took about a week to make. The base is about 4 feet in length. It had to be at least that since the ship alone is 3 feet long.

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