USS Tingey DD-539 
by Bob Nandell 

1/301 USS Tingey DD-539 (Revell)

A One Dollar destroyer! This Revell kit has been marketed off and on since 1954 as the Fletcher Class destroyer DD 537 The Sullivans. This kit was obtained as a 99 cent 'grab-bag' of miscellaneous parts, with no decals, some parts missing ( raid on my parts box fixed that), a broken foremast (which I spliced), no instruction sheet (I have built several of these over the years so didn't need it), It turned out to be a quick and fun little build.....taking less time than I have spent fighting tiny parts of 1/700 scale models of the same class. Aside from the poorly cast flat-bottom hull (typical Revell old casting),and lots of flashing on parts that had to be trimmed, it turned out to be a fair representation.

Bob Nandell

Gallery updated 5/9/2017