USS Kidd DD-661 
by Stephen Taylor 

1/72 USS Kidd DD-661 (Aquacraft)

This is my  working model of USS Kidd DD661 as she was in late 1944, prior to her refit and armament upgrades. The model is an Aquacraft Fletcher with substantial changes to correct errors and add specific items relevant to the Kidd. Specifically the 40mm guns have been changed for the correct form using Shapeways, as are the 20mm Oerlikons. The 20mm bandstand in front of the bridge has been added, the depth charge layout altered, safety railings added, and of course the ship is completely repainted in Measure 32/10D.  Additionally I have “sculpted the hull” somewhat to indicate the effects of plating distortion and weather damage. While this isn’t a scratch built, she is very different to the out of the box  Aquacraft model, and I am very happy exhibiting and running her at my local club in Sydney Australia. Finally I should add that I am a “Fletcher fanatic” with the 1/125 Linbergh kit, two 1/144 Revell kits, 2 x 1/350 kits, 1 x 1/302 very old kit and a 1/700 Tamiya Fletcher. They are beautiful ships.

Stephen Taylor

Gallery updated 4/22/2019