DKM destroyer 1934a class Z-5 Paul Jacoby 
by Matthias Pohl 

1/700 DKM Paul Jacoby 1934a class (Trumpeter)

Here’s another participant of the “channel dash”, the “Operation Cerberus”, the destroyer 1934a class, Z-5 “Paul Jacoby”, performed by the german Kriegsmarine on Feb. 12th 1942. A nice little conversion of Trumpeter’s Z-7 (kit no. 05793). Several destroyers were built at the Deschimag wharf at Bremen, therefore called as the “Deschimag-destroyers”. They could easily being identified by the additional steam tubes at the back of the main funnel and several ventilation flaps at the bottom of both funnels.

I did a few more detailing on the mid deck. Again some Eduard sailors, AA-guns by 3D Model Parts, Uschi’s rigging thread and colors from Model Master and Vallejo. The wooden decks on the bridge are spare parts from the “Prinz Eugen” decks. Camo according to Eric Leon und John Asmussen („German Naval Camouflage Vol. 2, 1942 -1945“).

Matthias Pohl

Gallery updated 10/6/2017