Kriegsmarine Z-31 Zerstörer 
by Gordon Tam 

1/350 Kriegsmarine Z-31 Zerstörer (Dragon)

I used to build aircraft models when I was 14. In those days, I paid little attention at the details. I used to rush the whole model, quickly gluing the parts together and painting them with a cheap paint brush. I didn't know much about the model I was building, let alone any research on historical blue print or photo. However, I did enjoy building them and after all, enjoying the assembling process is actually the most important thing of this hobby.

10 years has gone and now I am back to this hobby, with a leap from plane to ship model. My first one to try out was the 1/350 Kriegsmarine Z-31 Zerstorer from Dragon. I did a lot of research based on the only historical photos available on the Internet. Thanks a ton to everyone who helped me in this forum. I learnt a lot such as the  knowledge on modelling the armor plating, rigging, photo-etched parts and various techniques on modelling. Although this model may consider a work of a beginner, I was happy and proud of myself after going through a long way.

I added the PE railings, brass chain and wooden deck on to the Z-31. The stock PE on the Dragon was more than sufficient. I made a lot of mistakes and had to buy two boxes of Z-31 at the end. I tried to mimic the plating on the hull by adding a layer of putty, especially right behind the anchor. If you search some photos of Z-31, you will see an extra layer of steel plating running along the anchor. Despite a careful assembling process, my rigging was a bit too loose and the Kriegsmarine flag  was inverted. Other than that, please feel free to email me for any comment . =)

Gordon Tam

Gallery updated 1/24/2017