HMAS Brisbane 
by Kevin Dekker 

1/600 HMAS Brisbane (Airfix)

This model uses the Airfix Rommel kit, modified with Ikara launchers and magazine deck house, Phalanx mounts and RHIBs replacing the ships boats.  This approximates the final configuration of this ship.  The Airfix Rommel kit was one of their better ones, although there were still some challenging parts, such as getting the bridge front face perfectly smooth, and making sense of the bizarre way they assembled the lattice foremast.  The anchor arrangement on the kit was also wrong which was strange considering the rest of the model looked fairly accurate, and the incorrect port side anchor had to be moved to the stem centerline.  Apart from that, this kit makes an excellent basis for modelling the Australian DDGs.

Kevin Dekker

Gallery updated 8/21/2023