HMS Dainty 
by Jerry Lloyd 

1/700 HMS Dainty (AJM)

HMS Dainty was bulit by Fairfields at Govan on the Clyde completing in 1932 at a cost of £229,378. my model depicts her in 1941 in her three colour camo scheme of 507A, (dark grey) 507C (light grey) and 507mixed (medium grey) she was armed with 4 x low angle (30 degree) 4.7 inch, 1 x 3 inch AA, 2 x quad 0.5 MGs, 8 x 21inch TT and 22 depth charges like all the D class she had asdic instead of TSDS minesweeping gear, 4.7 inch ammo stowage was 190 rounds per gun enough for 35 minutes of action and 100 rounds of 3 inch AA plus 50 rounds of 3 inch starshell to light things up, at 36 knots she burned 12.7 tons of fuel per hour and had a range of 1,250 nautical miles at top speed or 5,870 miles at 15 knots, HMS Dainty was lost off Tobruk in 1941

Jerry Lloyd

Gallery updated 1/26/2022