HMS Hotspur March 1941 
by Jerry Lloyd 

1/700 HMS Hotspur March 1941 (B-Resina)

This model represents H.M.S. Hotspur circa march 1941 after her rear set of torpedo tubes were replaced by a 3inch AA gun, her main decks have had the corticene non-slip lino replaced by a covering of semtex which has been painted over (so will break up prematurely) she is still fitted for minesweeping with a Two Speed Destroyer Sweep set aft but no radar has been fitted…. This model began as a B-Resina kit of H.M.S. Glowworm, before I started I choose a colour scheme I liked which set the time frame and I checked for wartime modifications and ships boats etc. my Glowworm was progressing very nicely until about half way through the build I looked in one of my big books to see which mark of 4.7 inch gun she carried and was astounded to find they were in 17 foot diameter gun wells ! I think this is a massively huge feature to overlook and as it was too late to drill her decks out I had to rework H.M.S. Glowworm into H.M.S. Hotspur, all the A to D class ships had 30 deg MK 14 mounts (no wells) all the E F G class ships had 40 deg. Mk 17 mounts (so 17 foot wells) but all the H and I class ships had 40 deg. MK 18 mounts with the barrel counterweight moved so wells were not needed, my next kit of an E class ship has been drilled for wells from the start.

Jerry Lloyd

Gallery updated 6/19/2017