HMS Liverpool D92 
by Shaun Garnham 

1/700 HMS Liverpool D92 (Cyber-hobby)

This multimedia picture is a representation of HMS Liverpool a batch 2 Type 42 Destroyer, shown here responding to the eruption of Mt Soufrierre Volcano on Montseratt in 1997.

The first 5 pictures are as first done but on staring at it for a while realised I had made a mistake with the Sea colour, which I have rectified so that it now looks like the last picture with the Sea going toward the Beach dark as under the  eruption.  Took some artistic license again as I think the Ship turned up after the eruption but fancied painting the Volcano strutting its stuff.  Apologies to Other Nations and participants in the relief effort - I am not that good a painter so over simplified and just put in the "Crazy Chicken"!

Shaun Garnham

Gallery updated 5/4/2023