HMS Sikh 1942 
by Jerry Lloyd 

1/700 HMS Sikh 1942 (Trumpeter)

Converted from a Trumpeter kit of H.M.S. Zulu as her sister-ship H.M.S. Sikh in July 1942 her colours are 507C upper works on a 507B hull, her decks have had a covering of semtex which has been painted over replacing the corticene, she commissioned with in 1938  at a cost of £337, 704 and 5 shillings, a twin 4inch AA gun had been fitted in March 1941, a further refit in September added 285 radar and four 20mms and her depth charge throwers were moved down to the main deck either side of her quad pompom, top speed for the Tribal class was 36 knots despite troublesome steam turbine blades, H.M.S. Sikh was lost in September 1942.
Jerry Lloyd

Gallery updated 10/13/2017