HMS Westminster L40 
by Shaun Garnham 

1/700 HMS Westminster L40 (Tamiya)

 This multimedia picture is a representation of HMS Westminster L40,  an Admiralty "W" class Destroyer, Commissioned 14th April 1918 and finally Decommissioned in August 1948.  She was aging by the start of WW2 but was put to good use after modifications into a WAIR, W-class anti-aircraft Escort protecting Convoys from air attacks and E-boats along the East Coast of the UK where She was based at Rosyth.

I thought I should try an Aircraft Carrier in this porthole design with HMS Invincible but having the earlier model I found She had only really gone to Rosyth and Falklands in this layout so painted in the bridge.  On fitting Invincible I found I got the angles all wrong so it did not look right, plus it would not have aircraft on deck or flying around so I looked up other Ships based at Rosyth.  I came upon the WAIR Ships HMS Westminster L40, HMS Verdun L93 and HMS Vega L41, decided on Westminster as Ships Company most probably drafted from all parts of the British Isles, with different political and social ideas, working together for the common good, something that is overlooked in some Nationalistic ideologies at present in the UK unfortunately.  Bought the Vampire model and changed bits around to match the odd few photographs.  Added Mist and painted in other two Ships merging with the haze to bring to mind them going out early morning on patrol or to meet a convoy. Barrage balloon to bounce the eye back into the picture.

Shaun Garnham

Gallery updated 5/19/2021