HMS Gurkha
by John "Bodger" Bowden
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1/96 HMS Gurkha. scratchbuilt RC

Here are some pics of my scratchbuilt model of my second ship in which I served as an Engine Room Artificer and Diver in the Royal Navy.  Also included are some pics of the real ship. The model, in 1/96 th scale, is built out of outdoor quality ply, and skinned in marine quality ply.  Everything on the model is scratchbuilt out of anything that I could use.  It took some 25 years to build as I was also building model working railway locomotives at the same time! The last two photo's show a periscope view of my 2nd ship HMS Gurkha in 1966, and a bows on view of the Gurkha in the English Channel in 1963.

Yours aye,

John "Bodger" Bowden