JS Kaga DDH-184 
by Mario (Moe) Mares 

1/700 JS Kaga DDH-184 (PitRoad)

The Battle of Midway involving the Imperial Japanese Navy vs. the United States Navy, it was one of the Most tremendous wins for the USN and “the turning point” of Japanese offensive projection being thwarted.  With the loss of IJN carriers, Akagi, Soryu, Hiryu and Kaga (not in that order), their men, and their machines….the IJN was on its way to defeat ( including a ‘turning point’ at Guadalcanal that same year )!

Advance to the present, 75 years later, JS Kaga (DDH-184), Yes, Kaga is back!!  Being just a little bit bigger than its namesake IJN Kaga.   Both ships have the same length, but IJN had a bigger displacement of 38,000 tons compared to 27,000 tons of JS Kaga, but its modern equipment of Aegis-type radar, comms, and COGAG propulsion with four (4) gas turbines, makes JS Kaga a formidable weapon!!

Although Not an aircraft carrier, it is considered a helicopter carrier.  Kaga’s mission, to kill subs!!  With seven (7) ASW + two (2) SAR helos and the ability to handle 28 aircraft including Ospreys, bow sonar, anti-torpedo mobile decoys and OYQ-12 direction system to talk with helos and other ships are included onboard This Kaga. can also carry 400 combat-ready personnel, but can help out for SAR Ops in humanitarian situations as well.

The model represents JS Kaga when she was first commissioned in 2017, using PitRoad 1/700 (J75) kit.  I added some PE from Artist Hobby ‘Ibuki’ upgrade for Tamiya kit because I just love those grills on the upper-portion of the upper hull.  BUT, I used extensively Hasegawa “DDH Kaga Detail Up Etching Parts” #QG69 for the railings and netting around the ship [ Some modifications needed to be made, some of the PE was on the ‘longer’ end ].  Ladders, doors, hatches, life rings, and other small details were added onto the mast and around the ship.

My First time using rigging on a model was done by ModelKasten 0.047mm metal wire and MIG Rigging (Super Fine) 0.01mm they were used for radio leads & signal flags.  I choose both types as I have little knowledge and experience on which material to use, but in the end, Both came out well…. comments on how it worked can be found in the forum.

I did add a newer electrical set-up, including new lights, more numerous, and FiOp ( fiber optics …another first for me ).  Lights and FiOp were from Evan Designs.  The aircraft are just helos used by JMSDFs, but the rotors are PE.  The paints used are of Tamiya brand sprays TS-32 for hull/vertical sides, TS-48 for FD, Mr. Color Spray #29 for lower hull with the aircraft painted in a Dark/Lt Ghost Grey color (Model Master acrylic) or the common Lt. Ghost & gloss white.  Again, No jets, But, in 2017 Prime Minister Abe has yet to authorized a budget of upgrading and purchasing F-35Bs from the US.  But, as of this writing … in 2019, authorization of such an upgrade was deemed necessary due to military and political problems between Sino-Japanese argument of islands between them.

Mario (Moe) Mares

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