PLAN Type 051 Luda-class destroyer Kai Feng 
by Paul Helfrich 

1/200 PLAN Type 051 destroyer Kai Feng (AA)

This is the AA 1/200 scale model of the Chinese PLAN Type 051 Luda-class destroyer Kai Feng. I won this kit in a raffle in 2006 and don't know very much about it.  Neither does my cat.  (see 2nd picture).   I've never heard of "AA" models in any other context. The kit quality was not high; fit was terrible, lots of seams, sink marks, and flash, and most of the kit pieces were not well-detailed.  I did my best to dress it up with bits of styrene and wire, and I added scuttles with small brass rings.  I determined early on that it wasn't worth investing in a PE set for this one, so I used the styrene railings included with the kit.  In 1/200, they're actually not too bad.
Like many things I build, it looks fairly impressive if you don't get too close.   ;)

Paul Helfrich

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