Republic of China Navy DD-17 Nanyang Warship 
by Chen Chih-Pang 

1/350 ROC DD-17 Nanyang (Dragon +)

This model is 1/350  Cleaves-class ?Use  of the Dragon and Homemade Kits. The ship was originally a US Navy (Cleaves) class destroyer, USS Plunkett. Numbered DD-431, it was handed over to China on February 16, 1959 at Charleston Naval Base, South Carolina, USA Republic of China Navy, renamed Nanyang Warship, numbered DD-17. After returning to China, it was included in the destroying fleet and was one of the main warships of the Republic of China Navy from 1959 to 1971. It was also improved for radar and anti-submarine weapons. Decommissioned in 1975

Chen Chih-Pang

Gallery updated 4/16/2023