Soobrazitelny project 7U Destroyer
From Combrig
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1/700 Soobrazitelny project 7U destroyer (Combrig)

Displacement  2129 t
Waterline length 112.5 m
Width 10.2 m
Draft 5.05 m
Shaft rating 54000 hp
Speed, max 36.8 knots
Armament: 4   130 mm
 2    76 mm
 7   37 mm AA machine guns
 4   12.7 mm DShK MGs
 2   12.7 mm coaxial Colt-Browning MGs
 6    torpedo launchers
 58 KB mines (or 62 1926 type, or 96 1912 type)
 2   BMB-1 mortars
 2   lever motion bomb-droppers
Crew 271

The ship was constructed at the 61 Communards shipyard (? 200), Nikolaevsk, USSR. On 15 October 1936 she was laid down according to project 7, laid down again according to project 7U on 3 March 1939, launched on 26 August 1939 and finally entered the inventory on 7 June 1941. She took the active part in the WWII. Her first combat raid was made against Konstantsa. When Moskva flagship had been blasted out, the Soobrazitelny backed up damaged Kharkov flagship. The Soobrazitelny escorted transports to Odessa and was giving fire support to the Soviet troops and repelling numerous air attacks for three days then. On 23 September participated in the Besposhadny destroyer rescue mission. Further she convoyed a great deal of transports, carried out landing operations, shelled enemy lines and repelled air attacks. In winter 1942 the ship’s hull was severely damaged in a storm. Right after the overhaul she went on a troop-carrying mission to Sevastopol, got into a storm again and was damaged in the same way as before. From May 25 the ship participated in battle for Sevastopol again. On 27 June the Soobrazitelny escorted damaged Tashkent flagship. On 2 July found herself under massed air attack of German aviation on Novorossisk. Fortunately, she got only minor damages. The ship raided Romania shores in the end of November 1942. She was honored with Guard title on 2 March 1943. During Yalta conference in February 1945 she patrolled an area to the south from Livadia. The ship had been undergoing overhaul from 18 December 1945 till 25 August 1947. She had been modified from 1951 till 1958, renamed to SDK-1 in 1956 and SS-16 in 1957. She was laid up in 1960, reconstructed into CL-3 target-vessel on 19 March 1966. The Soobrazitelny was withdrawn from the inventory and scrapped in the same year.
In 1941-43 she was painted gray.  Smokestack cowls were black, nameplate – bronze, side number – white. The ship was covered with camouflage in 1943.

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