D-25 Jorge Juan ex Mc Gowan DD-678 
by Manuel González 

1/350 D-25 Jorge Juan (Trumpeter)

The destroyer of the Spanish Armada "Jorge Juan" has been made from the Trumpeter kit The Sullivans. It has been completely transformed using a lot of scracht throughout the ship, bitts, fairleads, main guns made of brass tube, bridge, main mast, propeller guard, 3-inch guns and other small accessories. The ship is complete with voyager railings and Flyhawk ladders.   They have been used as Vallejo paint, using 70990 as the main color of superstructures, 70868 for the deck and a mixture of 70947 and 70818 for the hull. Light effects have been given with oil and pastel.   Rigging with Veevus 0,10 mm.

Manuel González

Gallery updated 7/17/2023

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