Rendezvous Mid Atlantic
by Werner De keersmaecker

1/350 Rendezvous Mid Atlantic (Various)

A Mid-Atlantic rendezvous of a type IX and a type VII u-boat An Arado-196 reconnaissance plane is paying a visit and fresh food is being transferred to the smaller submarine. Lookouts are watching for enemy planes and ships while others are having a break...

Kits: Hobby Boss 1:350 type VII and IX u-boats, modified guns with brass tube / wire and PE, some smaller details added like opened hatches, handrails,... Trumpeter 1:350 Arado 196 (cockpit, pilot, gun and extra details added) WEM 1:350 RN Carley floats (captured ;))

Figures : l'Arsenal (modified)

Reference (book) : U-boat War Patrol, the Hidden Diary of U-564 - by Lawrence Paterson

Werner De keersmaecker