Type VII and Type IX U-boats at base 
by Rob Stubbs 

1/350 Type VII and Type IX U-boats (Mirage & Hobby Boss)

This was a desire to produce a small diorama of WWII U-boats in a location based on photos of part of the port of St Nazaire although the aim was to represent a more generic French Atlantic coastal base. The U-boats included two of the most numerous Type IV and one of the larger Type IX, to show the most common types produced and used. A number of other elements were added to the scene to provide further interest, including various military and civilian vehicles (by L'Arsenal), a visiting early S-boat (by White Ensign) and various figures (by Black Cat and L'Arsenal), a couple of rusting old barges (by L'Arsenal), and the base and workshop building were scratch built. The destroyer Z-27 (by Dragon) was built around the same time and features in some photos as she did serve around the French coast at various times.


Rob Stubbs

Gallery updated 2/4/2023

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