US Navy shipyard 
by Carlo Farina 

1/700 US Navy shipyard (Snowman, Trumpeter)

This is a small diorama in 1/700 scale. It is a U.S. Navy  shipyard. The vessels are a Liberty ship from Trumpeter and a Gaering Class  Destroyer from Snowman model; the Drydock is by Snowman model. The camouflage was copied from the site, a very useful source for camouflage of the US Navy WWII ships. I added details in resin, 3d printing and photoetched from Alliance, L'Arsenal, Niko. The figures are from ION model, Triumph, 3dmodelparts. Ships have been enhanced with generic photoetch.  Riggings by Uschi ad Infini.

Carlo Farina

Gallery updated 5/25/2023