Virginia class submarine and escorting tugboat cruising in a channel past Point Somewhere 
by Robert Issa 

1/350 Virginia class sub with tug (HobbyBoss +)

The diorama depicts a Virginia class submarine and escorting tug sailing into home port with lighthouse and Coast Guard station in the background. Building the sub was pretty much straight forward except for the lighting which I will discuss below.  The tug is an old Glencoe kit, I believe from the 60s, which considerable detail was added.  Structures are scratch built from styrene sheet, paper and brass.

Illumination is accomplished with battery powered LEDs located in the ship models and structures and fiber optics.  Although it cannot be seen in the photographs, the lights on the lighthouse, buoys and antenna fade on and off through the use of one of the settings on one of the two battery packs located under the landscaping.


Robert Issa

Gallery updated 8/24/2017