IJN Teruzuki, Akitsusima, & Akashi 
by Basilios Giehos 

1/700 IJN Teruzuki, Akitsusima, & Akashi (PitRoad, Navalworks)

The tropical diorama was a commission work and the challenge was to combine three models with hydroplane activity in an island somewhere in the Pacific during the WW2.

The models are from Pit Road (IJN Teruzuki and IJN Akitsusima) The models was upgraded using the excellent set from Gold Metal Models about IJN navy tenders and various sets from PitRoad. The IJN Akashi is a resin kit from Naval works and it was a basic kit without masts, armament and a lot more details which I had to add to kit. Also, I had to improve the kit in at several points and engrave some details like port holes. The models were painted using acrylics from Vallejo and weathering materials from AK and MIG. For the small island, I use vegetation and palm trees from 4D modelshop. It was the second time that I used their products and I can say that the quality of them is excellent! The tropical huts are scratch build and I use plastic sheet and pieces from wooden decks. The figures are from North Star models.  I hope you like it!!

Basilios Giehos

Gallery updated 9/25/2017

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