Destiny with Defeat
by Kym Knight

1/350 Truk Lagoon in 1942 (Various)

Truk Lagoon, just prior to the Battle of Midway

With the large amount of 1/350 scale IJN subjects being offered lately, I wanted to display the resin kits I had already built and these newly released plastic kits in a scene that would show off their awesome lines. I decided the only way I could display them this close to each other was at anchor(though in reality, maybe not this close). Truk Lagoon was one of the IJN's largest non-mainland bases in the Pacific and at one time or another, anchorage to 99% of Japan's fleet, made it a perfect choice. The design of the base came from the idea that 'lagoons are basically round or oval (curved sides) in shape and wanting to do something a little different, settled on what you see. After spotting L'Arsenal's great looking 1:350 palm trees a while ago, just had to make some island for them to grow on, though space was pretty limited. I settled on this time period as most of these ships were at or just visited Truk prior to their ill-fated invasion of Midway Island.

Ships in the lagoon:

All paint, except black, white and sea base are Colourcoats.

I want to thank the ModelWarships members who gave me encouragement and kept me going during this build.

Kym Knight