USS Pennsylvania BB-38 "The Sisters Revenge"
by C. T. Mohr

1/700 USS Pennsylvania BB-38 "The Sisters Revenge" (Trumpeter)

On December 20 1941 the USS Pennsylvania departed Pearl Harbor for the West Coast to be repaired and refit. As she glided past the wreck of her sister ship the USS Arizona a Navy Photographer snapped a picture. Due to censorship the picture was not released until August of 1943 where it was entitled A Sisters Revenge with a caption that the Pennsy was going out to avenge the destruction of her sister ship. The ships are straight from the box Trumpeter Arizona's in 1/700 scale the only modifications made were naturally the damage to the Arizona. This is the first time I have worked in 1/700 in about thirty years so it was an interesting build.

C. T. Mohr