by Chris Rein 

1/700 Cold War-Era STANAVFORLANT (Various)

Brand(s): NRP *Joao Belo* (F480) from WSW Modelbau Commandante Riviere (resin); HMCS *Mackenzie* (DDE-261) from Masters of Military (3D print); SPS *Baleares* (F-71) kitbashed from AFV Knox (plastic); HMS *Edinburgh* (D97) from Pit-Road/Skywave York (plastic); USS *Comte de Grasse* (DD-974) from Pit-Road/Skywave Merrill (plastic); FGS *Bayern* (D-183) from HP Hessen (resin);              HNLMS *Banckert* (F810) from Dutch Fleet Naval Miniatures Kortenaer (3D print); HDMS *Peder Skram* (F-352) from Masters of Military  (3D print); HNoMS *Bergen* (F301) kitbashed from Niko Cromwell (resin). For the aircraft, the CP-140 and F-104s, are from Pit-Road/Skywave; the Hughes 369HM is from Dragon, and the UH-1 Huey is from L’Arsenal.

Inspired by a NATO STANAVFORLANT (STAnding NAVal FORces AtLANTic) sail-by from the late 1970s/early 1980s, the ships are steaming in formation in the North Sea, escorted by a RCAF CP-140 Aurora, while a Norwegian Air Force UH-1 conducts a VertRep and Bundesmarine reconnaissance F-104 Starfighters scream overhead. [If anyone has lapel pins for HMCS Mackenzie or HDMS Peder
Skram they are willing to sell, or knows where to get them, I would appreciate it so that I can complete the display.]


Chris Rein

Gallery updated 6/25/2023